What’s With The High Street?


Men are often stereotyped as being shopping haters – but is this due to men or shopping on the High Street?

It is very rare for me now to shop on a high street. The biggest problem that I encounter is simply being unable to find something that I would actually like to buy.

Clothing: I am of an age that means that I no longer inhabit my svelt student like slim-form body. My shoulders are broad, my forearms and thighs are developed – skinny does not compute.If I go into many of the high street purveyors of fashion and attempt to try on any of their clothing – I can guarantee that it won’t fit. Seemingly the only shop I can actually go into and expect to find clothing the correct dimensions is Next. I still fondly remember being made to try on a jacket in an extra large size in a shop by my other half – i couldn’t even straighten my arms without fear of splitting it down the back. Seriously, who actually designs this stuff – there are chaps out there wanting to spend good money on clothes but are unable to do so due to a lack of supply.

Outdoor clothing suppliers and some sports shops are capable of providing clothing that fits – but on the whole, for anything of a decent quality, you have to pay through the nose for it. Anything priced in a normal manner will be, without doubt, of a low standard.

There was a time a few years back when I could happily stroll into skate type shops and find any number of items that I liked. I can no longer do this and feel hugely out of place. It just isn’t for me anymore.

Electronic goods: Generally, when its time to by a new appliance, tv or phone, I have a very good idea of what I want & how much it ‘should’ cost. The high street, or, even the large out of town stores all have a lack of choice & quality goods. Prices are hiked up to the max for goods that are lacking in features or performance. I am now apparently unable to actually demo an expensive product before I buy it blindly online…this sucks big time. Why should I be penalised for knowing what I want?

I also find that I regularly get ignored by shop staff, even when queuing for assistance. John Lewis – you are very bad at this. Staff will happily go to help the clueless, but if someone has a legitimate question about a specific product, you get ignored. Too bad, my money went elsewhere online – you lost out…three times.

Food outlets: Really High Street? Your choice of food is awful, why do we still have to put up with this garbage, most of which really isn’t fit for human consumption. Given the number of empty shops up and down the country, you should be encouraging new start ups to provide interesting alternatives…numerous burger outlets and over priced badly made sandwiches really don’t do the job.

It appears that in order to be catered for by the high street, you either need to be incredibly skinny, fat, below average intelligence or not very worldly. If you are fortunate enough to fall outside these boundaries and actually be normal – you are screwed. You are a metric that is ignored, you are not normal, you are the freak.