Living life without regrets


As we slowly grow old, we look back at earlier parts of our lives in a different light. There may be a few things that we think about with a hint of disappointment or regret. These thoughts shouldn’t be lingered over – life shouldn’t be full of regret.

With age comes experience, confidence and wisdom – this gives us the ability to make decisions that we perhaps wouldn’t have done earlier in our lives. With this comes a certain level of expectation – when our expectations aren’t met, we grumble.

Grumbling is at the heart of never a toss – while life should be explored, its good to have a moan along the way.

The flip side to this is that we can now regret something we chose to do, like visit a restaurant, if we hadn’t made the decision to eat there – we wouldn’t know that the service was shocking or that the menu was straight from the 1990′s…it is better to have tried and moan than not to try in the first place!

Live life to the full – never a toss.