Leave My Youth Alone


Well something like that anyway.

My youth, the boyhood years at least, all took place in the 80′s. My innocent years were surrounded by bright neon colours, dodgy music, equally dodgy hair styles & mass produced imported toys of suspect quality.

While I will freely admit that some music from the 80′s is actually well written & is still listenable to even now. The majority of it, I will happily argue, isn’t.

The current trend of rehashing and mimicking music from the 80′s baffles me more than a little bit. I guess to a certain degree that its a natural result following on from grunge and a continual procession of boy band after boy band trying to be a ‘bit rocky’. But really? The clothes that seem to couple this trend are pretty hideous…particularly the cut of mens trousers and, now its summer, shorts. Whilst I have nothing against different sexual persuasions, many of the chaps that wear them don’t look quite as butch as they think they do.

I know when I was a lad, there was some influence coming through from the 60′s and 70′s but it wasn’t quite as brash as this. I guess what partly concerns me here is that after the 80′s we had the 90′s. Does that mean that baggy jeans with colour patches & decals are going to come back next? I for one, seriously hope not!

It also seems that the 80′s revival hasn’t just stopped at music and clothing. I’ve also recently spotted the re-appearance of the small plastic skateboard. This fills me with a mixed feeling. As a boy, I wasn’t allowed on – I was apparently too young at the time, although I would have sworn until I was blue in the face that I wasn’t. I did however have a ‘proper’ wooden decked skateboard later on – which was a much better piece of kit. So now, upon seeing these again, i do feel some warmth towards them – but can’t stop myself thinking why on earth do you want that…get a real board that you can actually fit on properly!

I’m sure that there will be more trendy items that will be rediscovered and re-launched…most of them I expect we will have forgotten about long ago. I do however, suspect that we will have forgotten about them as they were pretty rubbish at the time. So we’ll once again be left wondering why some marketing exec thought it was a good idea to bring back again!

Ho hum – I guess the youth of today have the right to make up there own minds…although they don’t they only think what they’re told to think. Hopefully the trend to think for yourself will come about sometime soon rather than having to put up with a generation of ‘Beliebers’…send help now.