Just like riding a bike


While most of what the aging process has to offer is pretty underwhelming, and more often than not annoying, tedious or boring. There are some positives that allow us some freedom and pleasure in our otherwise dull lives.

The evolution of the big boys toy has to be one of the best things that life has too offer us as we get older. Now that we are (somewhat) in control of what the contents of our pockets is spent on – we can choose what we want. Gone are the days of being a young boy when all our toys were given to us by our loving parents that didn’t know any better.

Back then, a bike was a bike – they could see no difference between different styles, makes or models…needless to say, I didn’t get the bike that I really wanted.

As a kid, I grew up through the BMX explosion…and yep, I ended up with one of Raleigh’s most iconic bikes, the red Raleigh burner. While it was my pride & joy – it was the blue one that I really wanted. Mine was heavy and sluggish – I wanted the lightweight one with solid spoked wheels.

In my teens, there was again another bike evolution – the mountain bike had been born. I was more lucky this time round and was given a yellow Ridgeback…this was a decent bike & I loved it too bits.

Spool on a decade or 2 & I felt the need to rediscover some of my youthful enthusiasm for two wheeled transport. The first thing that shocked me a little, was the price of a reasonably decent mountain bike! Anything lower down the price range looks like it would fall apart if it even saw a mountain, let alone rode up it!

Before deciding to commit the contents of my elder pocket to buying a decent bike, I thought (well, my other half did) that I should probably go out and try getting on a bike again first.

I opted for a visit to the forest & hired a mountain bike for a measly £13 for a couple of hours. Those two hours ended up being the most fun that I could remember having in a very long time. I only rode a medium level trail – but even still I was hooked. So much so that I went back again the next weekend & tried the black run…bomb holes & banked corners winding tightly through trees in the forest – this is what I should have been doing as a teenager!

Needless to say that a purchase (rather, purchases) has been made since & I’m now the owner of a reasonable bike. While perhaps not as nice as I’d really like, it’ll do me for now & a couple of years, until perhaps I feel my pocket would like to treat me once again.

Its amazing what the freedom of being on two wheels can do for you – its fun, good exercise & frees the mind in a way that nothing else can…I feel like I’m twelve again – happy days.