The Gravity Of Food


There once was a time that I could eat anything I wanted without any kind of impact on my body at all. I could pack away hundreds and hundreds of calories & there wasn’t even a hint of a wobble.
Now though, gravity is in full effect and I am far more sag conscious.

I have in recent times been in pursuit of some of my more youthful pertness. While somewhat elusive, I have had good results and managed to reshape my body into something that has more form than a sack of potatoes.

This re-sculpting of my body was actually relatively easy to do. Do some exercise and be more aware of what you eat…almost too easy.

I chose not to go on a ‘diet’ but to just re-evaluate my normal daily routine. A few simple changes reaped big rewards. The main change being the office lunch. The majority of sandwiches and normal lunch options that you’ll find scattered around a city centre are packed full of calories – simply finding a more controlled option can make a really big difference.

For me, I changed from having sandwiches either from a local cafe or Pret etc to a low calorie shapers meal deal from Boots. This cut 300-400 calories out of my lunch alone. I was still eating a sandwich, pack of crisps & a fizzy drink – but it was a lot more controlled.

Another simple shift at breakfast – opting for 2 pieces of toast rather than 3 & using a low fat spread instead of the full fat variety was all I really had to do.

Dinner time was still a pretty normal meal – a few extravagant corners may have been cut off, but the evening meal was still what I would class as normal.

Going to the gym isn’t an option for me – i’m not that sort of person. I prefer to exercise on my own. So home workout programmes were the way forward. I tried a couple and went with Rip:60 to start with. This includes a suspension trainer and combines body weight exercises, basic plyometrics (jumping exercises) and yoga to give a series of quite short workouts that burn loads of calories. While the programme recommends working out 4-5 times a week, I couldn’t maintain that level. 2-3 times per week worked very well for me & the weight dropped off while my muscles slowly returned to a much more aesthetically pleasing form.

After 3 months of this, I had reached my goal weight – since then I changed over to do more weight lifting at home. I have maintained the same body weight, gained muscle and lost more fat. I can’t believe how much I changed my body & really wish that I had started this when I was considerably younger.

Still – onwards and upwards. Rewards are being reaped & I still have more goals to achieve. No longer am I pursuing fat loss, but instead the body I should have had when I was in my twenties…nope its not something I regret, but something I have chosen to make happen – never a toss.